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Anne BerryGuest Contributor — Anne Berry was a JV in Managua, Nicaragua, from ’01–’03, where she first learned about Maryknoll Lay Missioners and dreamed of one day becoming one… She studied medicine at Penn State where she met her partner, George. She was a resident in family medicine at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in Massachusetts, then worked with George (a pediatrician) at Cabin Creek Health Center in rural West Virginia, before realizing her dream and joining MKLM together with George. They have been serving in Mwanza, Tanzania, since 2017, together with their two children, Susanna (9) and Louisa (6). Being in mission as a family has been a powerful and joyful experience, and after completing public health studies in the next few years, Anne hopes to continue serving as a family with MKLM in the future. (Managua, Nicaragua 2001–2003)

Camila Maria Biaggi (she/her/hers) — Guest Contributor — Camila comes from the windy lost coast of northern California and although she adores exploring her home state, her restless spirit has led her on a number of journeys abroad. Most recently Camila spent her years as a JV in Tacna, Peru where she served from ’17-’19. During that time, Camila discovered a passion for writing, her words acting as a conduit for the many stories that lay scattered about in every day life. Intentional community also had a deep impact on the way in which Camila interacts with the world, and she hopes to continue to grow and cultivate these connections wherever life may take her. Her experience as a JV and much more can be found on her current blog:

Cam Coulter (they/them/theirs) — Contributor, Managing Editor — Cam Coulter is a writer and accessibility nerd, among other things. After their year in JVC, Cam spent two years as a live-in assistant at L’Arche Heartland and one year in China through the Maryknoll China Teachers Program. They currently work as a digital accessibility consultant, and they think incessantly about ethical technology, speculative fiction, and intentional community. They write about science fiction and fantasy for Skiffy and Fanty and blog about social justice, simple living, community, and spirituality here at The Ruined Report. Their poetry has appeared in Eternal Haunted Summer, Eye to the Telescope, and Polu Texni, and their academic nonfiction has appeared in the Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Journal. Cam also blogs on their personal website, where you can find more information about them: (Baltimore 20152016)

Ed DeLuca (he/him/his) — Contributor — Ed was born and raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He received his bachelor’s in Philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross, where he immersed himself into existentialism, philosophy of religion, and corporate ethics. He is politically passionate and relishes opportunities to engage in constructive dialogue around expanding civil rights to marginalized communities. As Ed prepares for a legal career, he enters into 2019 as a volunteer legislative aide for the ACLU of Massachusetts. (Casa Rutilio Grande, Houston 2017–2018)

Julia Erdlen (she/her/hers) — Contributor — Julia hails from the Philadelphia suburbs, attended the University of Notre Dame for undergrad, and somehow stumbled into the Jesuit world, for which she is extraordinarily grateful. She served her JV year as a Campus Minister at the University of Detroit Mercy and is continuing her Jesuit adventures at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, working towards her MDiv. She teaches Sunday School to a handful of rambunctious third graders and facilitates an LGBTQ undergraduate discussion group. If she has any free time, Julia is playing D&D, embroidering, or attempting to keep up with her book club. (Solanus Casey House, Detroit, 18-19)

Meg Griffiths (she/her/hers) — Contributor — Meg’s background is at the intersection of higher education, dialogue, ministry, and the work for justice. She currently serves as an Associate with Essential Partners, a non-profit that fosters constructive dialogue where conflicts are driven by differences in identity, beliefs, and values. While Meg’s work has varied, at the heart of it all has been a belief in the power of relationships, storytelling, reflective practice, and good humor. She served her JV year with Crescent House, a domestic violence shelter in New Orleans. Meg credits JVC and her Jesuit education (The College of the Holy Cross and Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry) with forming her into the human she is today. When she’s home in Providence, Rhode Island you can find her cooking vegetarian food and hosting game nights and community dinners with her wife, Heather. (Casa Henriette DeLille, New Orleans 2004–2005)

Rachel Joray (she/her/hers) — Contributor — Born and raised in the Midwest, Rachel currently lives in Indianapolis, IN. She first was introduced to the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality when she attended Xavier University for her undergraduate degree and has recently returned to Xavier part-time pursuing a MS in Human Resource Development. Just prior to becoming a Jesuit Volunteer, Rachel embarked on the Camino de Santiago and spent 30+ days hiking solo across Spain. Rachel continues to find solace and joy in traveling and will always agree to go anywhere at the drop off a hat. After JVC, Rachel worked in homeless services for 6+ years and more recently has transitioned to working in a managed service program for state government. In her free time, you can find Rachel playing sports of all kinds, testing her knowledge at trivia nights and eating Italian food. (Casa Dorothy Kazel, Los Angeles 2012–2013) 

Cami Kasmerchak (she/her/hers) — Contributor, Artist — Cami is a writer, photographer, and avid reader. She has lived in 6 different states (WI, MO, TN, VA, CA, WA), one other country (South Africa), and currently resides in Seattle, WA where she can be found wandering the various state and national parks. In addition to her year of service with JVC, she also served with AmeriCorps VISTA and has worked in multiple non-profit agencies focusing on education, housing, workforce development, re-entry services, and long-term recovery support. Her dream jobs are to be a photographer for National Geographic and a licensed social worker both promoting connection to nature as a path for healing. She is excited to be contributing both blog posts and art to The Ruined Report. (Casa Pedro Arrupe, San Jose 20152016)

Matt LaBorde (he/him/his) — Contributor — Matthew is the coordinator of a vocational center at a homeless services non-profit in the Washington D.C area. For the last four years, he has worked with a wide range of poor and low-income individuals and families on the goal of finding meaningful employment. He is interested in topics like psychology, feminism, spirituality, and music. Matthew graduated with a communication arts degree from Spring Hill College, where he also served as the Editor of the student newspaper for two years. (Casa Maura Clarke, Los Angeles 20142015)

Genevieve LoobyContributor, Editor — Genevieve began her Jesuit experience as a student at Fordham University, where, as a lover of the written word, she studied English. She followed that with a JV year at Casa Guadalupe, in San Antonio, Texas. She particularly loves the Jesuit focus on reflection and intention, and their emphasis on pursuing knowledge – and wisdom – in its many forms. If you can’t find her (which is often), she is probably in her room, reading a book. Besides reading, she loves any kind of physical activity, especially if it is outside – be it hiking, frisbee, or a ‘friendly’ game of basketball. Here at The Ruined Report, she is an occasional contributor, and frequent editor. She also curates the Letters to the Editor section of the blog, because she believes that ideas are meant to be shared, discussed, and collaborated upon. (San Antonio 20132014)

Kate Nowakowski (she/her/hers) — Contributor — Kate is a fourth year medical student at Loyola Chicago. She is originally from Rochester, Minnesota and attended undergrad at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University (also in Minnesota). In college, she studied theology, played soccer, sang in the choir (and played a couple instruments) and attended fine arts performances, all of which she continues to enjoy today! After graduating, she spent a life-changing year in JVC, teaching high school in Kansas City. As a medical student, she is very fortunate to be continuing her intentional community lifestyle with amazing fellow students in the underserved community near Loyola. She is still trying to unpack her JV year and subsequent community experiences and appreciates Ruined Report for the dedicated space to do it. (Kansas City 20132014)

Cait O’Donnell Contributor — Cait O’Donnell currently works with immigrants and refugees at the African Family Health Organization in Philadelphia. Since her time as a Jesuit Volunteer in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2011-2013), her professional life has been dedicated to serving and empowering refugees and migrants both in the United States and abroad, including Rwanda and South Sudan. A graduate of the Boston College School of Social Work, she has cultivated expertise in culturally sensitive psychosocial services and community-based approaches. In her free time, Cait is an enthusiast for biking, visiting new places, playing music, and making art.

Meg O’NeillGuest Contributor — Meg O’Neill generally spends her time adventuring, laughing too loud, and exhibiting mediocre athleticism in a variety of sports. She did her JV year in San Jose, California, where she worked as a legal advocate in the psychiatric unit of a county jail. Since then, Meg has worked at a public interest law firm representing California state prisoners, managed a youth space in a refugee camp in Greece, and currently helps direct a harm reduction homeless shelter in San Francisco. In her spare time, she boxes, travels, and eats copious amounts of popcorn.

Maria Smaldone (she/her/hers) — Editor — Maria is working towards her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Maryland–Baltimore. Based in Baltimore since completing her additional JV year in that city, she has worked in a supportive housing program and a public interest law clinic, as well as in a microfinance program for women entrepreneurs in Kochi, India. She hopes to someday work on housing policy at the local level. While studying English as an undergraduate at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, she was the Managing Editor of student newspaper The Point News. She is very excited to don her editing cap once again for The Ruined Report. In her spare time, Maria enjoys playing Bananagrams and baking banana bread. (Casa Ita Ford, Los Angeles 20142015 and Baltimore 20152016)

Meghann Van Pelt (she/her/hers) — Contributor, Artist, Editor Meghann is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and has been fortunate to call many places home over the past few years. She graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in sociology and has spent the years since then traveling by foot and bicycle, embracing her JV year in Portland, OR serving at Street Roots, the weekly street newspaper, and is currently working at a homeless services nonprofit in St. Louis but will likely be calling the road “home” again soon (there’s just so much to explore!). She is an enthusiastic Yerba mate drinker and will go on a long stroll or hike at the drop of a hat. (Portland, OR 20162017)

Adam Whalen (he/him/his) — Contributor — Adam is a graduate of Santa Clara University (Go Broncos), and served as a JV working for Back on My Feet, a nonprofit seeking to use running and team support to empower those experiencing homelessness, returning from incarceration, and recovering from addiction. After JVC, he moved to San Francisco and worked in the health tech industry. Passionate about the intersection of public health and social justice, he is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health degree in Epidemiology at the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health in New York City. He enjoys reading, playing ukulele, video games, and obsessing over news/politics. Follow him on Twitter @whaleMPH. (Clare Furay House, Baltimore, MD 2015–2016)

Emily Win (she/her/hers) — Contributor, Editor She is currently earning her MA in Creative Writing and Critical Life from the University of Leeds in Leeds, England, but she embraces Toledo, Ohio as her hometown. Her passion for faith and justice led her to Saint Louis University, where she continued to explore issues of poverty and homelessness through tutoring, mentoring, companionship, and outreach. During her year as a Case Manager at a teen crisis shelter she learned that she loves working with teenagers and hopes to continue this work in some capacity in the future. Emily’s personal and professional interests exist in the intersection of writing, literature, and activism, specifically in regards to sexuality and gender. She is currently working on a collection of poetry/creative non-fiction that exposes, complicates, and affirms the relationship between womanhood, queerness, and Christianity. (Tucson 20172018)

Caitlin Wright (she/her/hers) — (Former) Social Media Manager — Caitlin hails from Minnesota and spent her formative college years at Creighton University, where she first encountered and was “ruined” by the Jesuits. Upon her graduation in 2017, Caitlin joined the ranks of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as an Immigration Counselor at Catholic Migration Services in Brooklyn. She was then hired as a full-time employee after her year of service, and continues to provide legal services to the immigrant population of Brooklyn and Queens. When she’s not at work, she can often be found standing in line for cheap tickets to Broadway shows and initiating a conversation with “so in the podcast I was listening to this morning…”. Follow her on Twitter at @c8linwright.