Join Us!

Want to contribute to The Ruined Report? All FJVs and current JVs are welcome to submit guest posts and to join the team as contributors, editors, artists/photographers, and social media teammates.

We explicitly and especially want to encourage FJVs (and JVs) with under-represented and/or marginalized identities to consider contributing to the blog, even if just by writing occasional guest posts. Representation, diversity, and inclusion are super important, and we want this blog to feature your voices, so please consider contributing if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a person with disabilities, if you are someone who comes from a non-Catholic faith tradition, or if you have another marginalized and/or under-represented identity.

We are still building up our blog team and we would love to have you join us! If you’re interested in contributing or if you have any questions, please email Cam at <>. For more information, please read the role descriptions below as well as our policies and our guidelines for contributors.

Role Descriptions

Guest Contributors — Guest contributors are free to submit one-off posts without making any ongoing commitments to write for the blog. They are free to write about whatever they like within the (admittedly broad) scope of the blog, and they are welcome and encouraged to submit images to be featured alongside their posts. Guest contributors will not be officially added to WordPress. If you’re a guest contributor, we’ll still credit you and we’ll flag your post as a guest post, but WordPress will technically mark our managing editor as the author of your post. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, please check out our guidelines for more info.

Contributors — Contributors are welcome to submit posts as often as they wish. They can submit posts sporadically or commit to writing on a regular basis with deadlines (such as one post per month). Contributors are free to write about whatever they like within the (admittedly broad) scope of the blog, and they are welcome and encouraged to submit images to be featured alongside their posts. They will be added to WordPress as Contributors so that they can upload, format, and submit their posts for review through WordPress. If they are not writing on a regular basis with deadlines, contributors should inform the managing editor via email after they submit a post. If you’re at all interested in being a contributor, please email Cam at <>.

Editors — Editors can commit to editing on a set schedule or they can just volunteer to edit specific posts whenever there is a need. Editors who commit to editing three or four posts per month may be given priority if we have more editors than we need. Editors will be added to WordPress as Editors. They will correct minor mistakes, accept posts (or offer feedback and ask contributors to revise), format and tag posts appropriately for WordPress, and schedule posts to go live. Editors are also responsible for selecting a post’s featured image. For posts that are submitted on a deadline, editors typically have one week to edit, accept, format, and schedule each post before its slotted publish date (but we’re flexible). If you want to be an editor for The Ruined Report, please email Cam at <>.

Artists/Photographers — Artists and photographers are invited to create images for the blog and help select featured images for posts. In particular, we would love drawings or photographs which can symbolize the four pillars (such as the cross, house, dove, and bread). Additionally, while we think Jesuit Cat is cute, we’re not sure he’s the most perfect logo for our blog, so we are also looking for an artist who can create a more perfect/permanent logo. If a contributor does not submit an image and if the editor cannot find a suitable featured image, the editor will reach out to our artists and photographers and see if anyone can come up with a suitable image for the post in question. If you want to join our artist/photographer team, please email Cam at <>.

Social Media Teammates — Social Media Teammates are responsible for managing the blog’s social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Teammates will be given The Ruined Report‘s social media logins, and teammates may use Buffer to schedule social media posts. Teammates can also engage with the community and respond to comments. We currently don’t have anyone in this role, and we would definitely welcome some help. If you’re interested, please email Cam at <>.