Hands folded in prayer outside.

How I Pray

Most days, I start my day with a morning walk, and as I walk, I usually work through this reflection. It’s a nice way to focus my attention outside myself, to remember and pray for those around me, to foster joy and gratitude, and to look for where God is active in my life.

a person's hands folded in prayer holding a rosary

A Modification to the Hail Mary

About two years ago, I ended up accompanying a friend of mine to the hospital. Once the paramedics showed up, there really wasn’t anything for me to do other than hang around, wait, and pray.

A burning candle resting on a brown table

Light a Candle & Say a Prayer for Someone

It’s painful to think back on all the people I’ve loved and lost touch with, but it’s important that I do this, that we do this. All these people were important pieces of the social fabric of my life.